Rentini will exercise its rights and arbitrate any and all disputes that arise from the rental agreement. All of the agreement should be read and understood by point of payment. Rentini will enforce this agreement to protect both Guest and Homeowner alike.


It is important for you to bear in mind that the reservation fee is non refundable in any case, including force majeure. The cancellation fees will be charged, on your credit card, as follows depending on the notice given:

- Fifteen (15) days or more prior to arrival 0% of the outstanding amount. 

- Fourteen (14) to seven (7) days prior to arrival 50% of the outstanding amount. 

- Six (6) to four (4) days prior to arrival 80 % of the outstanding amount. 

- Less than three (3) or not showing up 100% of the outstanding amount. 

To be valid, all cancellations must be made in a written manner by e-mail or fax. Cancellations or changes made after check-in are subject to a 100 percent penalty. 

We do not take any responsibility for cancellation fees resulting out of reservations which need to be cancelled due to the fact that a customer sent it "by mistake" or with wrong dates or information.