enjoy every day you are living

Hello there, I’m Martin L.

I am immigrated 7 years ago from Holland to this real peace of Spain, the lecrin Valley where i started up a maintenance for house owners that have here their second home.
3 years ago we started also a website and a renting service for all the houses that I have then under my maintenance.
The local peopke know me now also, i did several jobs to their swimming pools and heating system.
Because we live here we can offer direct servises like a meet&greet by arriving and explain what the best places to visit and good restaurants.

We believe in in a complete holiday for are guests, we are always stand by.

The Lecrin Valley is cold the valley off happiness by the local people, and yes it is in a lot off ways.


  • Adventure

  • Agritourism

  • Bird watching

  • Cafes

  • Concerts

  • Cultural Exploration

  • Entertainment

  • Family Fun

  • Fishing

  • Golf

  • Museums

  • Wilderness training

  • Wine and Dine

  • Wine tasting